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How To Get The Add Yours Feature On Instagram: Steps To Follow

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The growth of Instagram is unbeatable! With the release of new features regularly, Instagram is getting the huge potential to enhance your virality by reaching wider audiences. The different interactive features that roll out often help expand your Instagram reach to the next level. Among them, the ‘Add Yours’ feature on Instagram captures more eyes on the platform. The add yours Instagram feature provides the chain stories by encouraging audiences to participate in it or create a new one to loop their followers.

How Does Add Yours Feature Instagram Works?

In November 2021, Instagram released the Add Yours feature on the stories and reels. The add yours feature Instagram boosts the interactions between your friends and followers. Finding how to get the add yours feature on Instagram creates a chain to increase audience participation. When you use the Add Yours sticker on stories for interaction, it lets your followers view and share their posts relevant to the prompt by displaying the Add Yours sticker in their stories. So, it appears as a loop to grab common ideas.

How To Find Add Yours On Instagram?

The Add Yours Instagram feature is available on both the Stories and Reels. With the Add Yours feature, Instagram users can view all the stories in the loop with the username who started the Add Yours loop.

But how to find Add Yours On Instagram? Get through the steps below to use the Add Yours Instagram feature chain on both Stories and Reels!

How To Do Add Yours On Instagram Story?

Are you looking for ways to understand how to search Add Yours on Instagram story? Let us walk on with the following steps:

  1. Open your Instagram application.
  2. Go to the ‘Your Story’ available on the top-left corner of your screen.
  3. Take a snap or use a photo from your phone gallery.
  4. On the top with available options, click on the square smiley face sticker (the third option).
  5. From various stickers, choose Add Yours to the Instagram story.
  6. Then write a caption or prompt for the Add Yours feature Instagram.
  7. Select done once completed.
  8. Finally, post your Add Yours feature on Instagram by clicking Your Story, available at the bottom.

How To Find Add Yours On Instagram Reels?

The new feature of Add Yours is now available on Instagram Reels too. Using the Add Yours feature, Instagram initiates new users to find potential audiences.

In the early times when the Add Yours feature on Instagram came into existence, it was present only on the Stories. But now, due to the increase in participation, the feature also expands on Instagram Reels. The Add Yours feature on Instagram Reels provides excellent opportunity to find new content from authentic profiles. Leveraging the Add Yours feature can gather likes for reels video posts from authentic Instagram profiles, expanding your audience and followers base even better.

Here are the steps to learn how to search Add Yours on Instagram reels:

  1. On your Instagram application, tap on the Reels section to record or upload the clips.
  2. Once uploading, tap the sticker icon available on the top of the screen.
  3. From various stickers, choose the Add Yours feature.
  4. Then write a prompt to the Add Yours feature Instagram to publish it.
  5. At last, encourage audiences to tap on the Add Yours sticker on the reel to publish their relevant reel.

How To Fix Add Yours Instagram Feature Not Working?

Some users face the problem of the Add Yours Instagram feature not working. Are you looking for ways to fix the issue? Try out the following steps to get a solution!

  • Check whether your Instagram application is updated or not. Since the Add Yours Instagram feature is new, it is essential to update your application from the play store or the App store.

  • Switch over to another user’s account. You may convert your business account to the personal one and check the availability of the Add Yours feature on Instagram.

  • Restart or turn off and on your phone.

  • You can even try using VPN software and switching over your IP to other countries.


The Add Yours sticker on Instagram is an innovative feature that helps audiences to interact with your post and boost your engagement rate. Knowing how to use the Add Yours feature on Instagram helps increase your profile’s visibility to wider audiences. From the above guide, you will be clear about the ways to find how to find the Add Yours feature on Instagram and gain audience visits.

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